January 23rd is National Pie Day!

Pies might just be one of the most versatile foods there are. We tie certain flavors to holidays, have pie eating contests and bake-offs. Not to mention that with all the varieties of savoury and sweet pies, you could have a different pie for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

national pie day

There are so many reasons to celebrate the pie, but for National Pie Day, we think the focus should be on how amazingly delicious they are. Apple, Pecan, Pumpkin? Yup, I’ll have a slice of each. Not a sliver, a big ol’ slice, and maybe another one after that.

Interesting Pie Facts

10 of the Most Creative Pie Crust Designs Ever

Since pies are such a versatile food item, the combinations of ingredients and presentation are endless. ...

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pie chart national pie day

Top 10 Favorite Pies – National Pie Day

Ever wonder where your favorite pies fall in the list? Are you like most other pie lovers? Take a look to find out!

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pies for every season

Pies for Every Season – National Pie Day

A different pie for every season! The best pies are made with fresh ingredients after all!

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largest pumpkin pie

The Largest Pumpkin Pie Ever Made – 3,699 Pound World Record!

The massive pie was put together by 9 chefs and measured 20 feet in diameter, and weighing in at 3,699 pounds.

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