The Great Pie Crust Debate – How Do You Make Your Crust?

different pie crusts

Ah, some of the greatest questions of all time. What is your secret pie crust recipe? How do you get yours so flaky? How do you get your crust so buttery and browned to perfection? There are so many different techniques and recipes out there, but we all have our favorite.

Here are some compiled results to show you what’s popular and what’s not, and maybe some inspiration to prompt you to change it up and try something new!

In terms of ease and visual appeal we’re not surprised to see a crimped edge come out on top.

Here are the results for edge technique:

  1. Crimped
  2. Forked Edge
  3. Leaf Applique
  4. Forked Crimp
  5. Braid
  6. Spoon Scallop
  7. Checkerboard
  8. Crosshatch

What do you think or the results? Do you go with one of these methods or do you have a completely different technique?

A pie crust involves few ingredients making your choice of ingredients extremely important.

Here are the results what is used for fat content:

  1. Butter
  2. Lard
  3. Combination
  4. Oil

Are you in the majority here? If you fall under the combination category, what combination do you use?

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